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On the Air

Album Cover: On the Air“And now for something completely different.” One part early country music, one part Bluegrass and one part vaudeville, the Shivers are George Burns and Gracie Allen gone country. But not the country of today, rather they have gone back to a time when the Carter Family, Jimmie Rodgers, the Delmore Brothers and Charlie Poole trod the boards with Will Rodgers and Uncle Dave Macon and comedy was a big part of the show.

The Shivers bring variety musical comedy back to the stage. Those folks who can remember Jack Benny and Fred Allen, The Bickersons and Abbott and Costello, and, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, will recognize it at once. But the genuine humanness of this old fashioned comedy has a broader appeal, and reaches younger audiences as well.

On the Air -- Old Time Country Music and Comedy Radio Hour

On the Air is a complete radio program, from the moment the announcer says, “Good evening ladies and gentlemen,” to the closing moments of the theme song, “Are You From Dixie”. Set in “Honeyville, the little village that time forgot,” the commercials, sketches, and songs introduce the audience to the imaginary family and townsfolk, and the comedy and music of their lives.

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  1. Intro and Theme: Are You from Dixie?
  2. Smartness
  3. Brown’s Ferry Blues
  4. Cannonball Blues
  5. Eight More Miles to Louisville
  6. Bluebirds are Singing
  7. Aunt Flory and the Aliens
  8. Shady Grove
  9. A Word from our Sponsor
  10. Foggy Mountain Top
  11. Country Fair
  12. Crow Black Chicken
  13. Peach Picking Time in Georgia
  14. Out and Theme: Are You from Dixie?

On the Air: inside

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Chance Shiver: vocals, guitar
Susette Shiver: vocals, autoharp, banjo
Scotti Giambusso: bass
Robert Spates: violin
Robbie Robinson: clarinet
Michael Scanlan: announcer
Produced by the Shivers, Mike Scanlan and Bob Hitchcock
Recorded at Albion Studios, Kensington MD USA
Engineered by Bob Hitchcock
Mastered at Omega Studios, Rockville MD USA
Engineered by Archie Moore