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Chance Shiver and Susette Shiver

The Shivers - Old Time Country Music
and a little Comedy

“And now for something completely different.”

Here come the Shivers brushing the dust of time off the 'Old Familiar Songs' of old time Country Music. With vocals as crisp and authentic as a cold drink of cider, the Shivers bring 30's costumes, close harmony, guitar, autoharp and banjo to their wonderful interpretation of music Americana. Chance and Susette perform the songs and tunes of the Carter Family, Jimmie Rodgers, the Delmore Brothers and others that are the foundation of American Country Music.

Chance inherited his grandfather's guitar and his family's old time country music at the age of twelve and has since traveled the many roads of American music, performing Old Time with Doc Scantlin's Red Hot Peppers, Swing with the Buffalo Nickel Band, and Rockabilly with the Vibrocats among others. But Chance has always has returned to his heritage music rooted in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Chance's wonderful guitar playing moves easily from flat-picking to Travis and Piedmont Blues finger styles.

Susette, a South Carolina native, has found her true voice and yodel in the music of A.P, Sara, and Maybelle Carter, and early American Country Music. Her autoharp style derives from 'Pop' Stoneman and Maybelle, and her claw hammer banjo styles complete the Shiver?s instrumentation, recreating an authentic early country music sound.



On the Air (2003)

Across the Blue Ridge (2009)

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